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Bagpipe Resources
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     Bagpipe Player Software
This is a really handy tool for learning bagpipe tunes. You'll be downloading an EXE file when you click this link, but don't panic, it's safe. This is an evaluation copy of a program that is very useful, PLEASE purchase a real copy if you find this
     Bagpipe Tune Library
There are hundreds of tunes here in BWW format for bagpipe player software. The server is NOT always up, so please stop back if you cannot connect.
     Bagpipe Journey
A really well presented bagpipers reference site.
     Bagpipe Web Directory
Tons of bagpipe related information in one handy place. Pipers should bookmark this!
     Bob Dunsires Bagpipe Forum
The very best resource for networking with bagpipe players online.

There are really two ways to perform on the drums...
One is to let yourself flow with the music, to explore the groove and to become a part of the whole in that space.
The other way is to force your will on the music, playing rehearsed and lifeless patterns, subject to your personal limitations.
~ Mike Morgan

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