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Drummers Resources
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     Medicin Man Drums (Arizona)
If you're in the market for WOOD drums, look no further. There's a LOT of custom drum makers out there and it's a risky endeavor to purchase a custom kit. These drums are amongst the finest. UGW highly endorses the fine craftsmanship of P.J Clevinger
     Drum Road Trip
It's a labor of love at the moment, but this weekend-long festival is about to enter its third year! So far we've had Jason Bittner, Johhny Rabb, Zoro, Rod Morgenstein, Rick Van Horn and Kyle Gorbski as clinicians... not too shabby!
     United Grooveworkers Forum
Yeah, it's shameless self-promotion for our forum... But it's really one of the best informational forums online, completely devoid of the nonsense that plagues most forums.
One of the coolest instrumets ever invented.
     Trick Drums
The superior alternative to wood drums... Honestly, these are the best drums ever made, check 'em out!

When you're learning to play a musical instrument you need to understand that your pleasure is very likely to cause your closest friends and family a great deal of pain. I say go for it! Nothing demonstrates who your true friends are quite like taking-up the drums or the bagpipes.
~ Mike Morgan

Countdown to DRT2010
There's only 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes until DRT 2010!