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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: Why did you leave the Wild Geese? It was most popular Celtic Band in the Northeast, the winner of the City Newspaper Critics Choice Award for Best Band in Rochester in 2003, and the Best Irish Band in 2005 according to WPXY listeners. Why exactly did you leave?
  • A:  Somebody had to! Life is filled with twists and turns. Mine turned in this direction. They are a great band and I wish them all the good fortune that life has to offer.

  • Q: What's a ZENDRUM?
  • A: Click Here... It's too hard to explain

  • Q: Are the bagpipes hard to play?
  • A: Yes. Imagine doing micro-surgery with your hands and holding a greased pig under your left arm while lifting weights with your face... All while people are laughing at you for trying!

  • Q: Is the Mandolin Hard To Play?
  • A: It Depends... How fat are your fingers?

  • Q: Can you play bagpipes at a funeral?
  • A: Yes... but not yours!

  • Q: Can you play bagpipes at a wedding?
  • A: Yes... but not mine!

  • Q: Don't you think the combination of Drums, Bagpipes and Mandolin is a little strange?
  • A: Have you met me? I'm a freak show... ask anybody! Everything I do is strange!
A Leather kilt is for real men. Big men. Men who aren't afraid to wear large swaths of cow around their waists. Men who take secret pleasure in making vegans and bovine activists cry.
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