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The Kilt

 Q: Dude... what's with the KILT?

A: Why are you even here? The Leather Kilt is too much kilt for you. Heck it's too much kilt for men who are twice or perhaps even three times the man you are. It's leather, it was made by UTILIKILT in Seatle... What else do you need to know?

This kilt is the warmest, heaviest, most expensive, most amazingly badass, most go-to-a-bar-and-have-women-ask-to-touch-your-kilt garment ever made. This baby isn't for the meek. The Leather kilt is for real men. Big men. Men who aren't afraid to wear large swaths of cow around their waists. Men who take secret pleasure in making vegans and bovine activists cry.

The Leather kilt is made of thick and heavy 3.5 oz. Motorcycle-Jacket grade leather. It weighs a metric ton. This kilt is undoubtedly better hung than you are.


There are really two ways to perform on the drums...
One is to let yourself flow with the music, to explore the groove and to become a part of the whole in that space.
The other way is to force your will on the music, playing rehearsed and lifeless patterns, subject to your personal limitations.
~ Mike Morgan

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