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Triangles are a fairly cheap extra to add to kits. I own a few triangles, three smaller standard size and some gigantic triangles which are not used for kit application. So I will focus on the 3 more suitable for our purposes.

LP Pro Triangles

The reason I chose the LP Pro series is due to their good sound coupled with the fact they have three size options. LP also have a set released under their Aspire line. These are also good, but more along the lines of a lower priced cymbal compared to a top level cymbal.

Each of the Pro series traingles are well made and has excellent sound. They are bright and rich and have a tone and timbre that cuts. They record very clearly, whether hand held or suspended.

I checked out triangles made by other companies such as Toca and Rhythm Tech. What made me choose LP was the fact that they offer size options. There is not a great deal of difference between the Rhythm Tech and LP in terms of sound quality. The downside for Rhythm Tech in regards to my purchase was the lack of sizes. The Toca sounded more along the lines of the Aspire level and was not what I was after.

Rhythm Tech do offer a triangle sold with its own holder/stand that can be placed on a table. This is quite a useful instrument. I have played it, but do not own one. It's certainly a viable option if you only want one triangle.

Here's a shot of the LPs.

LPs blurb about these:

Designed with the recording percussionist in mind

An integral part of all styles of music

High alloy steel that has been carefully heat tempered, polished, and chrome plated

Pure shimmering sound

The three available sizes, 4", 5", and 6", range in pitch from high to low and fit
any musical situation

Two strikers – a thin version for delicate playing and a larger diameter version for louder playing – included

Nylon hanging string included

Prices in USD.
LP Triangle
List US - $28.00 LP311B
LP Triangle
List US - $30.00 LP311C
LP Triangle
List US - $32.00

For a comparrison, here is the Aspire price list.

LP Aspire Triangle 6"
List US - $18.00 LPA122
LP AspireSupreme Triangle 8"
List US - $22.00 LPA123
LP Aspire Supreme Triangle 10"
List US - $25.00

For my money, it is worth paying the little extra for the Pro's. The sound is better by far.

I rate the Pro triangles at ****

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