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Drums: Trick Blue Anodized Millusions Kit.

I'm told this kit is the only one that TRICK ever made in this finish, and they say they won't be making any more, so it's truly one of a kind.

These are the best drums I have ever played. PERIOD. I was skeptical at first until I thought about the actual physics involved in drums and the sound they create. Then it became abundantly clear that aluminum is a better material than wood for getting the job done. Leave your pre-conceptions at the door. The drums are absolutely amazing. The sound is clear, warm and focused. These are expensive and worth every penny. Everybody comments on the sound and look of the kit, but especially the sound.  More details can be had at their website.

Rack Toms: Evans Genera 2 Clear top and Genera 1 clear bottom.
10" x 8"
12" x 10"

Floor Tom: Evans Genera 2 Clear top and Genera 1 clear bottom
14x14 with Legs
16x16 with Legs

Kick Drum
22x18... The Thunder from Down Under... This drum is GREAT! Great spurs too! It sounds like it's theres a microphone on it when it's being played acoustically.

Snare Drums
"The Barkin' Boy" Custom Made 6 1/2 x 14 10 Ply Maple (Jasper) with Gretsch Die-Cast Hoops and Fibes Tension Casings. It's "old reliable" and it has more crack than the corner of Dewey and Ravine St. (Rochester humor, sorry)

Ludwig 5x14 1920's Black Beauty, 8 lug scroll engraved. Tasty! This is the go-to studio snare.

Ludwig 5x14 White Vistalite (1970s)

Trick 7x14, Aluminum snares are dry, and this one is no exception. It has a nice solid voice and it's a great rock snare.

Trick 5x14, Flame vented. This drum has a nice crack, with a good solid undertone.

Trick 6x14 OCC/Trick Limited Edition... amazing

Nelson Drum Craft 4x13 Maple Bubinga... very articulate!

Spaun 6.5x13, Birch recording series. This is in a Red White and Blue flag motif with metalflake lacquer... retro and fun!

Donaho 8x14, 4 ply maple. Thunderously loud with loads of bottom!


Rack: Pacific Curved Rack with Gibralter Add-Ons and DW Tom Holders

Pedals: Trick Pro-1V Bigfoot Double.

Bass Drum Pedal: Axis Single with a Tama Wood Beater. As far as I was concerned there was no finer kick pedal made until I tried the Pro-1V. I now use my Axis kick pedal to play a left foot cowbell. I do have to add a side-bar note, however; I also love Ludwig Speed Kings but they don't work without squeaking! Then along came the Trick pedal and it has EVERYTHING I liked about the Axis, but it has a compression spring like the speed king.

Hi-Hat: First Generation Axis set-up Legless and clamped to the rack.

Cymbals: I'm currently endorsing Supernaturals Cymbal Company. Historically, I've always been picky about cymbals. Really REALLY picky. I don't care who makes a cymbal, I only care how it sounds. For that reason my cymbals have always been from MANY different brands with each being "ear" selected based on the tonal character with complete disregard for the manufacturer. Yes, I have selected cymbals while blindfolded a few times and the results are not what you would expect! I RARELY selected a Zildjian or a Sabian based on sound, though I have some of them.

That changed a bit when I discovered Supernaturals... For the first time in my life, I was able to find every voice I was looking for from a single brand. I own a LOT of cymbals, but at the moment There are a total of 17 cymbals on the kit in the studio.

I'll post the full setup once I settle in to the cymbals! Come back soon, and check the cymbals out at: http://www.supernaturalcymbals.com/

Other cymbals I own: 

22" Silken Heavy Ride

22" A. Zildjian Medium Ride (1960's)
22" A. Zildjian Heavy Ride (1960's)
22" Dream Bliss jazz ride
20" A. Zildjian Medium Ride (1960's)
20" A. Zildjian Crash-Ride (1960's)
20" SilKen Heavy Ride, big bell
20" K. Zildjian Medium Ride (80's)
20" THOR Crash Ride (German)
20" Wuhan Heavy Ride with rivets
18" SilKen Ping Ride

18" Sabian AAXplosion Crash
18" K. Zildjian Dark Crash
18" PoBoy Dark Atmosphere Crash

18" Saluda Earthworks China
16" Wuhan China
12" PoBoy Fine China Splash
12" PoBoy Lids China
10" PoBoy Splish
10" Meinl Classic Splash
10" PoBoy Splish
8" PoBoy Splish

14" Meinl Raker
14" Dream Bliss
14" Ufip Powersonic

The picture below is no longer current, replacement coming soon (eventually)!

Technique is cheap. Anybody can have great chops if they practice long and hard.
Knowing when to hold back and play less requires real instinct.
I have learned that what I don't play is often far more important than what I do play.

~ Mike Morgan

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