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Pearl Percussion Table
Okay, this is the table I recomend for the drummer who wants a table to hold percussion items. It's a decent size; about 3 times the size of Rhythm Tech's tray. And it secures easily to any cymbal stand or tom holder. Have a look.

The base has a type of carpet on it so that replacing instruments on it is quiet. It has raised edges so that shakers and the like wont roll off. And it is priced cheaply for what you get. Believe it or not, it's about the same price as Rhythm Tech's tray. Pretty decent really. I was so impressed, I bought two.
Pearl's blurb simply states:
Shelf area for percussion accessories A great place to place sticks and percussion effects, comes complete with clamp for stand mounting
Stick cutouts table features cutouts to keep sticks from rolling off

That is all true and correct. Like any of
Pearl's hardware, it's well made, sturdy and wont fall to bits.

There really isn't much to add. It is what it is.

Rating *****
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