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Rhythm Tech The Mountable Gig Tray.

Okay, this thing is well made, sturdy and is a good design. There's just one problem. IT'S MADE FOR HOBBITS!

With all fairness to Rhythm Tech, their blurb gives the true dimensions. And note, it is not called a table. It's called a "tray". Which is what it ultimately is.

According to Rhythm Tech: The Mountable Gig Tray a/k/a MGT is a clamp-on percussion tray which attaches to any stand in your set-up. 
Made of tough powder-coated steel and measuring 13 1/2” wide x 7 1/2” deep, the MGT has a soft, silent, no-slip Neoprene surface which keeps noise down when picking up and putting down instruments.

The tray also has two "quick-grab" utility hooks for hanging tambourines and other extra accessories.

You can use the MGT for holding everything from drinks to drum machines and percussion.
And ... it's great to attach to your singer's mic stand!

For what it is, it's a fine piece of equipment. If you, as a drummer, wish only to hold a shaker or two and maybe a cabasa. This'd work just fine.

Although it might be wiser to hold off for the next reviewed item.

As a small tray, I rate this at *****

As a table ***. (It isn't a table!)

Of course Rhythm tech never claimed it to be a table. Actually I find Rhythm Tech to be an excellent company producing some very nice instruments. My only problem with them is that their range is too small.

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