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LP Percussion Table

The LP Trap Table is sold in sections and is not available as a complete unit. You have to pay extra for the additional table tops that extend beyond the borders of the main frame. Please believe me when I say, "This gets pretty bloody expensive!"

Having said that though, this table is great. It's sturdy, comes with its own carry bag, and you can fit quite a lot of gear to it. I've had no trouble with mine.

Check out LP's blurb.

Ideal percussionist’s work station for live and studio performances

This versatile table can hold dozens of percussion instruments within easy reach

22" W x 19" D height adjustable table can be used with all varieties of LP hand percussion items including tambourines, shekeres, claves, shakers, güiros, maracas, and many others

The rubber padded playing surface protects the instruments, and makes for quiet handling

Raised back edge of the table keeps instruments from rolling off

Two height adjustable, tiered cross bars provide up to 24 possible mounting locations for use with 3⁄8" diameter mounting rods

Six rods and three triangle hooks are included with each table, and additional rods are available separately

Collapsible for easy set-up and portability

When disassembled, the unit measures 26" W x 20" H x 3" D and fits neatly into its nylon carry bag

That's all pretty accurate. But is it suitable for a drummer? Probaly not. It may be a little overkill. But if you also play percussion and want a table that'll last and cover the gig, you wont go wrong with this beast.

Rating *****.

When you're learning to play a musical instrument you need to understand that your pleasure is very likely to cause your closest friends and family a great deal of pain. I say go for it! Nothing demonstrates who your true friends are quite like taking-up the drums or the bagpipes.
~ Mike Morgan

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