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Meinl hand held and mounted tambourines

A review by Dale...

Over the last few years I've really grown to be a fan of Meinl. Like many drummers of my vintage, I always tended to equate Meinl's quality with the early Raker cymbals which were on a par with Pearl cymbals; i.e. not great. My thoughts now are quite different. Of course there is often an element in their quality control that sometimes doesn't reach the dizzying heights of LP or Rhythm tech. Such as poorly finished bearing edges on the occasional Ibo drum that cut through the head. "Grrrrr" But for the most part this company is as good as any.

Meinl tambourines come in steel, brass and aluminium models.

So how do the tambourines stack up against the others? Pretty damned well!

Let's have a look.

Meinl mounted steel jingle.

I do not own a mounted version, but I do have a hand held model. The only issue that could become a concern is the actual bracket. It is long and as a result could suffer from repeated attack in a loud enviroment. But as I said, I can't comment. But judging on the strength of the hand held model, I'm willing to give this instrument the benefit of the doubt.

With that in mind, I'll focus my review on the hand held model. First of all, take a look at it and note the design.

Note that unlike the Cyclops by LP, the grip is extended in toward the center of the instrument. This is similar to the Rhythm Tech model. This design gives a sense of balance to the instrument and improves playability considerably. Whereas the LP feels like it extends too far away from the hand, the Meinl seems to secure itself to the hand and become one with it. Even moreso than the Rhythm Tech model. There are also no sharp corners. This is also true of the edge, which feels soft and maleable, but is strong. The edge of this tambourine is very comfortable. This is something appreciated when one has to play loudly and over extended periods.

Meinl's blurb is simple, clear and very accurately describes these fine instruments.

These ergonomically shaped tambourines are available as hand held or mountable versions. The durable ABS frame allows hard hitting and energetic hand playing. Nickelsilver plated steel jingles produce a bright sound that projects well.

Jingles: Nickelsilver plated steel Frame: ABS

Ergonomic design
Available as hand held or mountable versions
Guiro style playing surface
“Sandwich” construction

BK = Black
R = Red

As for "ergonomic design", LP could take a few lessons from Meinl.

The jingles are also very good, whether brass, steel or aluminium.

I rate the hand held model at *****.

At this point, not having a mounted version, I will hold off on a rating. But as far as a plastic frame type tambourine, this is the best I've found. I highly recomend it.

All the above tambourines donated courtesy of my wallet.
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