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LP Cyclops mounted tambourine

A Review by Dale...

I own 2 LP Cyclops tambourines. I have a mounted steel jingle and a hand held dimpled brass jingle version. Let's have a look at them.

LP's blurb says: Most ergonomically designed, comfortable, and durable tambourine ever produced

Unique patented shape has been designed especially for natural arm and wrist motions to offer greater playing ease in all situations

Available in hand held or mountable models; the rounded edges provide extra durability for drumstick hits

Last up to five times longer than other tambourines

Nickel-plated steel alloy jingles produce a bright sound that projects; brass jingles deliver a distinctively warm, yet cutting sound

Model with dimpled brass jingles produces a distinct, crisp sound

Patented jingle pinning system keeps the jingles in place

Mountable models use LP’s forged eye-bolt assembly for secure placement on 3⁄8" diameter rods or hi-hat stand pull rods


Well, in my opinion, some of the above is accurate. If talking about the hand held version, it is not the most comfortable or most ergonomically designed tambourine. In fact I find it lacks considerably in the balance and comfort stakes.

But what about the mounted version? First of all, this is a lovely sounding tambourine. The jingles on all the models are high class and have crisp and distinctive sounds. The brass models in particular record very nicely indeed. So do the steel, but to my ears, I prefer brass jingles. Just as I prefer K cymbals.

LP says these tambourines last up to 5 times longer than other tambourines. I can't comment on that except to say that I doubt my LP's will outlast the old white Rhythm tech. The plastic does not seem as strong. But as yet has not broken. So we wait and see I suppose.

The jingles are, as mentioned, high class. In fact I think these are the best jingles on any mounted tambourine I've played. This matters when you start recording. I cannot fault these jingles at all. Mine are still in place, so LP may be right in what they say about the pins holding them.

The real point of criticism I can level at this instrument is the eye bolt. They just don't last! And with the way LP price their instruments and spare parts, replacing the damned things gets very expensive indeed. The eye bolt costs nearly as much to buy separately as the tambourine in the first place! At least where I live.

I rate this instrument at ***1/2.
My reasons for this are the balance issue in the hand held model, and the poor quality eye bolt.
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