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Rhythm Tech Professional mounted tambourine.

A Review by Dale... 

Rhythm Tech's blurb says: The Rhythm Tech Drum Set Tambourine
The DST was the first tambourine designed specifically for the drummer!

It mounts securely on any stand with a rod or tube 1/4” to 1/2” in diameter (with optional DSM2 Universal or DSM Quad), or on the rod of a Hi-Hat.

A unique polymer Edge widens the playing surface, reduces stick noise and withstands an incredible beating.

Other features include a quick-release wing screw and improved mount for “easy-on / easy-off” and increased stability.

In my opinion, what is said here is pretty spot on. In the early days it was necessary to buy a clamp and affix it to the hand held tambourine. This was, at least to me, a nightmare! The damned clamps would loosen during a gig and simply couldn't be relied upon. So many times during a song I'd have to try and fiddle with the damned thing while playing in order to get it somewhat near its playing position. I was really pleased when finally a tambourine was built for the specific purpose. It might seem like a simple and obvious idea now in hindsight. And it always was. But man, we older guys had to wait a while for it.

So how does this instrument stack up in the big scheme of things? It's great! The Rhythm Tech's were always strong. I used my old white model on many loud gigs and the sound always carried across the stage and could be heard in the mix. Whether or not it was picked up by the drum mics or across the stage through the vocal mics. It was always there.

The body on this tambourine is also very strong. The old white one I mentioned earlier, spent about 10 years touring with me. It never cracked or developed any faults either through playing or being transported in a fully stocked traps case. This is pretty cool when I think back on how loud many of the gigs and rehearsals were, as well as the fact that more often than not it was being struck with 2b size sticks. Mine had stainless steel jingles. I've not used the brass Rhythm Tech model live. But listening to it on its own it sounds great.

Rating. ****

I'd give it 5, but want to allow for further improvements.
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