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It has been a long dream of mine to own a recording studio. My friend Rob Sewar and I have talked about it for many years, and there was never the funds, or the opportunity to gather up enough gear and make the dream come to life...

 In February of 2008, I received a Tascam 1641 interface and an MXL 4000 large diaphragm condensor mic for my brithday and the wheels started turning.

Rob has a building in Henrietta that he leases and it's been a club-house, man-cave, storage-space, practice studio for several years. With some clever use of space, and a fair amount of sweat equity, we transformed one room into a small, somewhat cramped control room that actually sounds good!

The process of gathering microphones and cables and general studio stuff was underway, and things were falling into place. I already owned three mic snakes and we installed those into the space. Rob traded a guitar for patchbays, a headphone distribution amp and other "necessories". I bought a dual G5 Mac Pro tower and two 22" monitors, Rob bought a board and software. I sold a guitar and Rob and I bought an ART Tube Preamp and Tube Compressor. The place started taking shape.

It takes a LOT of cables to correctly wire a studio with patch bays! We found a killer deal on a Whirlwind 6 Channel splitter box, and we built a splitter snake so we could run tracks during band practices. That makes life REALLY easy!

So anyway, we're up and tracking. The rooms sound good, and we're making plans to build a Vocal Room next.

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