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Welcome to the all new, custom drum makers directory at United Groove Workers!

It is our goal to have every custom maker that has ever existed to be listed here in this directory. We have certainly missed many, but that's where you come in! If you know of a custom drum maker, anywhere in the world, please let us know, even if the compny is out of business. We will add every drum maker we can find to this directory. This will become a very useful document for future drum collectors to aid in the identification of drums many years in the future.

 If you have additional contact info for any of the companies and builders listed here, please contact us by clicking here.

We're looking for photos, contact information or historical data, even (especially) if the company is out of business.

Ghost Drums & Percussion


Giannini Swiss Drums

Researching Data


Girly Drums (by Burley Drums)


Global Drum Company
Global Drum Company
Global Drum Company

GMS Drums

Researching Data



Grace Custom Drums


Grace Custom Drums

Grover Pro Percussion

Out Of Business, Hamilton drums were made in USA in the 1950s



!9402 House Brand Drum, seeking information. Out of Business

Head Drums

Head Drums is a family owned business in Georgetown, Texas, USA


Heirloom Drum Company

Heirloom Drum Company
301 Kelly Drive
Suite 2
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Ph: 770.487.7785
Fax:  770.487.1174


Hillbilly Drums


No Contact information on website



1970s company, now out of business.

Hollywood Custom Drumshop

Possibly Defunct, More information needed.

House Custom Drums





HP Custom Drums




Idea Drum Company

Richmond, VA

Imperial Amplification & Percussion



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